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Aluminium – Wuxi Taihu Show Theatre | PLÅT20




Anodized Aluminium Aerofoil Louvre

Val av fasad

Aerofoil section louvres are readily available in aluminium and we were attracted to the anodized finish, both for its weathering and aesthetic properties.

Inspiration till fasad

The concept was inspired by the Sea of Bamboo Park on the outskirts of Wuxi, it is the largest bamboo forest in China. The building’s appearance is composed of three primary elements, the columns, the shade canopy and the building envelope. Representing an abstract impression of a bamboo forest, the slender white columns are positioned around the perimeter of the building in such a way as to provide a screen between the building façade and surrounding landscape. The ‘bamboo’ columns clear around the various entrances to help frame the accesses into the building. The shade canopy wraps around the perimeter of the building at roof level. Conceptually, it represents the canopy of leaves that exist at the top of a bamboo forest. The canopy is made up of various triangular bays containing rows of gold anodised aluminium aerofoil louvres.

Val av bearbetning

The louvres have been anodized, a process whereby they are immersed in an acid bath and oxygen is released by an electrical current that reacts with the aluminum. It forms two oxide layers: a thin insulating film (barrier layer) directly on the metal and a thicker, porous layer above it. Due to its microporous structure, the outer layer is vulnerable to contamination, requiring a post-treatment (hydration) that expands the coating and causes the pore walls to swell and close off at the surface.

Val av infästningar

Each bay of louvres is orientated randomly to create an organic quality to the structure and the light and shade patterns that fall across the building envelope through the day. Each bay of louvres is set at different angles to heighten the sense of variation when viewed from different angles, each louvre is secured with steel, counter sunk bolts.


As long as the sealing process is performed effectively, the louvres shouldn’t change in appearance over the life of the project.

NAMN Steven Chilton
PROJEKT Wuxi Taihu Show Theatre, Kina
ARKITEKTBYSteven Chilton Architects

Wuxi Taihu Show Theatre, Kina. Foto: Kris Provoost.