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Rostfritt stål – mall of tripla | PLÅT20




Perforated and 3D shaped building skin made of 1.5 mm Stainless Steel 2B * architectural grade panel size 1.3x1.3 m (depth 65 mm). Airgap for visual & ventilation purposes – equipped with RBG programmable façade lighting raincoat of metallic effect coil-coated steel sheets.

Val av fasad

We wanted to create a unique façade system that resembles the pulse of an urban the shopping mall and serves as a powerful PODIUM for the highrise structure above.

The design goal was to create a lively and vibrant envelop that partially open for true view into the interior and furthermore expresses the “commercial and social activity” thru its character.

Serving innovative, technical, esthetical design demands of an urban context thru a unique envelope system.

System description:

– A double-skin facade (background – air gap – foreground) with integrated facade lighting covering 100% of the podium level.

– Qualities: enhanced material qualities of industrial stainless steel thru 3d-shaping process,  complex visual surface qualities thru interplay between material and light

– Robustness

Inspiration till fasad

The inspiration for the 3D-shaped building skin was found in esthetical qualities of porous aluminum foam panels. For the Tripla podium design we adopted the foam character and translated it into the required scale and shape.

Val av bearbetning

Deep drawing process and customized perforation with CNC laser cutting tools.

Val av infästningar

Adjustable stainless steel brackets. Easy installation and maintenance.


It’s supposed to withstand weather, remains clean & reflective during its lifespan.

If any part of the façade needs service the outer building envelop can easily be removed and put back into place with only simple tools and no additional spare parts.

NAMN Stefan Ochsner
PROJEKT Mall of Tripla, Helsingfors, Finland
ARKITEKTBYArchitects Soini & Horto

Mall of Tripla, Helsingfors, Finland.