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Rosttrögt – Camp Adventure | PLÅT20




Weathering steel

Val av material

We choose the weathering steel because of both its technical and aesthetic value. Also we wanted to use a material which did not need any maintenance for many years – a material that could resist all kinds of weather all year around.

Since the project is located in the middle of the forest, the surrounding changes with every season – from crisp green leafes in the spring and summer, to warm, yellow, brown and red during the fall and the brown logs in the winter. The weathering steel compliments all these changing seasons, creating a contrast in the summer and matching the colors during fall and winter.

The weathering steel was also chosen from a construction perspective, since is was possible for the contractor to assembly the construction on site in all kinds of weather.

Inspiration till fasad

The client had already the idea of inserting an observation point within the forest, to make it possible to appreciate a view from above. The iconic hyperbolic design of the Forest Tower was conceived by EFFEKT through several tests during the initial concept development, as it maximized the viewing platform and increased stability, while creating an iconic structural expression.

The idea behind the elevated boardwalk leading to the tower is to make the forest accessible to everyone without disrupting the natural environment – at habitat to a wide variety of species living in harmony with nature.


Sustainability is considered on several levels in the development of the project. As mentioned before, the weathering steel is used because it can stay both beautiful and strong for many years with no or very low maintenance.

Both in the design and the construction process, the preservation of the forests trees has been high priority. The elevated boardwalk is designed so no trees had to be taken down, as it moves around and adapts the curves of the trees it passes.

The tower is also placed close to an existing service road, which made it possible to deliver materials to the construction site without taking down any existing trees or to design new infrastructure only for the purpose of building the tower.

The wood used for the elevated boardwalk and in the tower is certified timber.



NAMN Toni Rubio Soler
PROJEKT Camp Adventure Forest Tower, Danmark

Camp Adventure, Danmark. Foto: Rasmus Hjortsøj